3Rs and An Occasional Oops!

The nip is in the air and children across the nation are back in the classroom, much to their collective chagrin and their parents’ relief. According to the US Census Bureau, 79 million people are currently enrolled in school. That spells a lot of potential spills!

But XSORB is ready for them. We keep students, teachers, and school personnel safe with Biohazard Personal Protection Packs and a host of other spill clean-up supplies. Whether the spill happens in the kitchen or cafeteria, the arts and crafts room, the hallway, or on the playground, we’ve got it covered.

One of our most popular items for biohazard spill clean up is Biofresh, the disinfecting super absorbent that swiftly encapsulates vomit, blood and other body fluids while treating the spill with a powerful disinfecting agent. While creating the need for Biofresh won’t necessarily ensure your place with the cool crowd, those tasked with containing the mess will be most grateful.

If the mishap occurs in the schoolyard, you can rely on XSORB Outdoor, our non-toxic, environmentally friendly dry clean-up formula that absorbs all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact. Outdoor All-Purpose makes it easy to simply sweep spills away, saving labor, time and money.

Finally, our selection of FiberLink and Cellulose socks may come in handy at school. While kids are prone to losing clothes (and socks, of course, disappear on their own into dryer black holes), it’s still astonishing to learn that U.S. households spent $8.5 billion (yes, that’s a “b”) at family clothing stores in August 2012. So they might be just a tad invested in keeping those clothes clean. And not lost.

Our Cellulose filled Universal Absorbent Sock is one answer. Place the absorbent where you need it, keeping the area clean without loose particles or dust, and protecting kids’ respiratory systems. It’s our small contribution to keeping kids’ socks on their feet, rather than being used to ineffectually wipe up a spill.

Now, as far as studying goes, all we can say is: turn off your tablets and smart phones and pay attention!

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