4 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep

Losing weight. Getting in shape. Boosting sales. Being nicer to your in-laws. Whatever the resolutions, many people find it difficult to keep them after the New Year is a few weeks old.

We’d like to help. Here at Impact Absorbents, we believe New Year’s resolutions ought to be like spill clean-up: effective, environmentally friendly, and most of all, easy to implement. So here are our suggestions to start 2014 off right:

  1. Lose wait. No, that isn’t a typo; it’s a reframe of the typical resolution about excess eating. Procrastination keeps the “wait” on, while springing into action guarantees you’ll soon begin to be trim.

XSORB resolution #1: Make a New Year’s business plan. Revisit what worked in the past, what’s no longer working, and decide what you must do now in order to delve into rather than shelve your business in 2014.

  1. Get fit. While a toned body is important for well-being, so is a well exercised brain. Continuing education is crucial for your ongoing success; think of it as a health club membership for your mind.

XSORB resolution #2: Personal enrichment. Beyond what’s required to maintain your business, personal enrichment can include: 1) Delving (there’s that word again) into the intricacies of whatever your business is about. Read books or ebooks, listen to audio programs and watch videos on sales and productivity that inspire and inform. 2) Mental wellness. What can you do in 2014 to cultivate and maintain a positive outlook?

  1. Expand your network. You may have been using traditional advertising or marketing methods for years with moderate success. But this is the era of social media, of connection and collaboration.

XSORB resolution #3: Put a plan in place to reach out to non-competitive businesses who serve the same clientele, and see how you might cross-promote or otherwise support each other in building win-win-win outcomes for everyone (each of your businesses, plus customers/clients).

  1. Look out for No. 1. There’s a reason airline emergency instructions exhort passengers traveling with small children to “Put your own oxygen mask on first.” By choosing to take good care of yourself and your business, you’ll have a healthy, balanced perspective to share with your prospects and clients.

XSORB resolution #4: Reexamine time management. Are you making the highest and best use of your talents? Are you working as efficiently and effectively as you might be? Do you need to delegate, hire someone to handle paperwork, or move in a different direction with your business?

A business and personal development plan is as important as a spill prevention plan. When you have smart New Year’s resolutions ready to activate on January 1st, you can relax and enjoy truly the holidays!




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