5 Keys to Small Business Success in 2019

We’re going to spill it: how to be the best small business you can be in 2019. This is one spill you won’t want to clean up, however, because these keys can open the door to greater success in the new year, and beyond.

Here are five steps to become (or remain) successful this year:

  • Put passion first.Productivity may get the publicity, but passion is what motivates people to do an amazing job. And it begins with you. Are you passionate about the business you’ve chosen? Of course you are that’s why this is what you do. Let it shine. Your passion will infuse your team with enthusiasm. If you’re a startup, especially, this excitement for what you’re creating can be more rewarding in the early stages than a fatter paycheck.
  • Take the long view. Impact Absorbents started with a single product, produced in the Tharps’ garage back in 1992. Todaywe serve clients worldwidewith more than 500 spill clean up and spill containment solutions, from a 45,000 square foot manufacturing plant. How has your view evolved?
  • Know your USP. What’s your USP: unique selling proposition? What makes your business stand out in its industry? At Impact Absorbents, for example, we emphasize the non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and cost effectiveadvantages of using XSORBand the suite of Impact products, which are designed with both people and planet in mind.
  • Emphasize value. Some product lines, such as custom jewelry, are not sold on price; people expect to pay a premium for quality. However, if your company offers exceptional quality and/or service for a very affordable price, play this up! Impact Absorbents is proud to provide effective, efficient, environmentally conscious, andeconomicalspill clean up solutions that have made us an industry leader.
  • Cater to your customer. In the digital age, when algorithms keep track of how we shop and anticipate what we might like, old-fashioned customer service is more of a standout feature than ever. As a small business owner, if you keep track of each customer’s needs and orders, you’ll win their loyalty and business. For instance: boat owners will appreciate their local marina knowing when they need to schedule seasonal maintenance and they’ll haveoil absorbent booms, socks, pads and rollsin stock to serve customer needs. An online shop can’t top that level of customer care.


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