A burst pipe in Missouri shuts factory down for weeks

A fire outside of the Carbolytic Materials Company (CMC) plant located in Maryville, Missouri, will remain closed for the next several days, reports Maryvilledailyforum.com.

According to CMC Chief Executive Officer Ray Riek, a fire started on January 29, 2012, after a frozen pipe thawed, expanded and burst. The pipe began to leak oil, which was contained behind a concrete dike surrounding a cluster of storage tanks. However, the spilled oil ignited, and a large fire broke out, reports the news source.

Fortunately, no oil escaped into the environment, and no employees were injured. But the blaze caused damage to the exterior of the facility and forced it to remain closed for maintenance and cleanup efforts for the next two weeks. Most of the leaked oil will be contained by officials and recycled.

Hazmat crews who are tasked with finding ways to reuse the oil may want to use absorbent devices to draw the oil from the floor and wring the pads out into sturdy containers. High-Capacity Oil-Only Pads have the potential to help workers speed up their cleanup efforts. The pads are ideal for jobs where time is of the essence, as the sonic-bonded sorbents grab onto substances and don’t leak.

The High-Capacity Oil-Only Pads are a high-quality absorbent device that may help professionals restore order to the CMC plant in a matter of days. 

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