A chemical spill closed I-76 in Ohio overnight

A chemical spill in Rimfield Township, Ohio, forced officials to close a portion of Interstate 76 on Monday, January 9, 2012, reports WKYC News.

The section of the westbound highway were closed overnight and reopened early on Tuesday, January 10, 2012.

A semi-truck overturned early on Monday, spilling a flammable chemical onto the roadway. The Ohio State Highway Patrol released an official report that noted that over 36,000 gallons of the chemical solution diisobutylene leaked onto the road after the truck driver went off the side.

The chemical is used in the manufacturing of other chemicals and is highly flammable.

Cleanup crews were called on to quickly contain the spill and prevent further environment or residential damage. In situations where hazardous spills are affecting the flow of traffic, officials can effectively resolve the sensitive situation using the absorbent FiberLink Hazmat Spill Response Kit. The kit allows for a speedy response that absorbs all chemical spills.

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