A Greener Shade of Blue

If you’re an artist, the idea of creating a greener shade of blue might make perfect sense, since you constantly mix colors on your palette to obtain the perfect hue. But even if to you, “palette” is more appropriately spelled “palate,” and the colors that signify summer are red and yellow for ketchup and mustard, respectively, you can still turn blue into green, without a Harry Potter wand. We are, of course, referring to the marine environment. Are you “harboring” environmental hazards in your boatyard or aboard your watercraft? With summer in full swing it’s essential to maintain a clean, green marine environment.

Let’s face it: even with the best of intentions, marine spills happen. To avoid penalties and protect our oceans, rivers and lakes, be prepared for the spill clean up you hopefully will never need, with an XSORB Oil Absorbent Spill Kit. Designed to meet OSHA requirements in a U.N.-approved 20-gallon lab pack container, XSORB Select includes everything to quickly, efficiently and sustainably absorb up to seventeen gallons of oil. Each Kit contains two XSORB Select Oil Absorbent 6-quart bottles, four 3″ x 4′ FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Socks, one 3″ x 10′ FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Sock, a trio of FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Pillows, twenty FiberDuck Heavyweight Oil Absorbent Pads, plus hazmat labels, disposal bags and protective gear. So whether or not you’re the type who takes an easel into a field on a sunny summer day, you can still paint the landscape a greener shade of blue with brush stokes of smart spill clean-up, thanks to your environmental ethos and XSORB’s green marine solutions.

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