A Little Greener, Every Day

It’s been a dry year. Again. And that means what’s normally green is brown, and the reservoirs are low. 

But while we haven’t (yet) figured out how to generate rainfall when we need it — which would have been especially helpful during the unprecedented spate of West Coast wildfires — we do know how to make the landscape greener in terms of sustainable living.

Impact Absorbents prides itself on its environmental ethos, so we’re delighted to discover that as Californians, we rank third in the 2020 Greenest States in America survey, which utilized four categories of metrics to determine each state’s score:

  • Green Energy Prevalence (25%)
  • Open Spaces and Natural Beauty (25%)
  • Waste Diversion and Recycling (25%)
  • Social Justice and Access to Clean Outdoors (25%)

It’s somewhat ironic that Washington, California and Oregon all rank in the top 10, and all three states have just experienced the worst wildfire season in history. What it means, to us, is that we will recover from this, stronger and more committed than ever to environmentally friendly initiatives that address the climate crisis, to help restore our planet to its natural magnificence.

Here at Impact Absorbents, we’ve been pioneering ecological, effective, efficient and economical spill clean up and spill containment solutions for 28 years as of this month. It’s amazing to realize that today’s Spill Hero started ‘way back in 1992 in the Tharps’ garage, with our flagship product, XSORB Universal Super Absorbent.

Perhaps it was inevitable that with all that spill clean up super-power, we’d one day become the Spill Hero, here to help prevent slip-and-fall injuries and prevent dangerous chemicals from entering our precious water supply. 

Our customized spill response and prevention solutions are designed to target the specific challenges you or your business face. And you, of course, are the real Spill Heroes, because by using these spill clean up solutions you’re helping to keep both your workplace and the planet safer, cleaner, and greener for everyone, now and in the future. 

Who knows, by using Impact Absorbents’ products you may be the catalyst to change your own state’s color from brown to green, regardless of the rainfall.

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