A Lot Abalone

If you’re a mollusk, no matter how brave you might be, you need a champion to survive. Especially if you’re an edible ear shell prized by humans. We’re talking, of course, about abalone. Depending on where in the world you dwell, abalone have been used for food, jewelry, buttons, buckles, and sport fishing.

In Japan, live and raw abalone is prized for sushi, and also served steamed, salted, boiled, chopped, or simmered in soy sauce. In California, abalone meat appears as a pizza topping, saut_ed with caramelized mango, or as a seafood steak dusted with cracker meal and flour.

Abalone, it seems, just can’t catch a break from human consumption. And as a consequence, most of the planet’s abalone populations have been overfished to near extinction.

We understand that change can move at a snail’s pace, especially when something is as popular and low-priced as abalone. But these marine snails can’t afford to wait.

So Impact Absorbents took abalone protection into our own hands, with the Abalone Larval Toxicity Test. XSORB has been tested and approved for use on the most sensitive waterways, according to the EPA’s Abalone Larval Development Short-term Toxicity Test for Oil Spill Cleanup Agents. This test determines whether a sorbent is harmful to marine and animal life.

Our spill containment and spill clean up solutions are environmentally friendly to marine life, and all life. And that’s no fish story.

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