A smelly discovery in Beverly Hills requires absorbent devices

After months of complaints about a foul odor in the auditorium of Hawthorne School in Beverly Hills, California, officials discovered a broken sewer line had created a pool of human waste beneath the building, reports Beverly Hills Patch.

The busted line was capped, but the cleanup process is just getting underway.

The proper absorbent devices are necessary to clean up biologically hazardous waste that has collected in hard to reach places. The right materials can work toward a fast and effective cleanup effort.

XSORB Universal Pillows may help officials get a good start on the relief efforts. The absorbent pillows help clean up large amounts of waste in minutes. Each pillow takes on a full load and absorbs the fluids without letting go. After the absorbent pads have been used, officials can collect the remaining contaminants with the XSORB II Super Encapsulator.

The XSORB II Super Encapsulator instantly contains and absorbs liquids on contact by turning the spills into solid waste. It works most effectively on hazardous spills, such as biologically hazardous waste, toxic waste and caustic chemicals.

Cleanup crews in California may want to attack the spill with the proper equipment. XSORB Universal Pillows and XSORB II Super Encapsulators may help speed up the overall process. 

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