A smelly spill in Leavenworth County caused concern in early January

On January 9, 2012, a chemical spill in Leavenworth, Kansas, caused quite a smell over parts of Northland, reports Fox 4 Kansas City.

According to the source, the Missouri Gas Energy stated a natural gas odorizer spill in Leavenworth County caused the foul smell to spread downwind across the Missouri River and into parts of the Northland.

The chemical, which gives natural gas its smell, is not hazardous, and the spill posed no danger to the public. The leak, which came from Fort Leavenworth, was quickly contained.

Officials need the proper absorbent equipment and containers to prevent leaks from spreading into public spaces. Cleanup crews may want to house the materials that they used to clean up a spill in secure lab packs.

The 20 gallon Lab Pack with plastic band from Impact Absorbents could help cleanup crews prevent spills from spreading further into the environment or facility. The containers can safely house hazardous and nonhazardous materials after they have been removed from a sensitive area. When it comes to keeping the public safe, the necessary equipment should always been in stock. Factories and other facilities may want to purchase a wide array of materials from Impact Absorbent to provide further safety to community members. 

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