Absorbent Comparison Test

Comparisons are based on a spill of one quart of 30 weight motor oil.

Absorbent Product XSORB Universal
15 lb. bag
XSORB Outdoor
25 lb. bag
XSORB II Encapsulator
2.5 lb. bottle
Diatomite D.E.*
33.3 lb. bag
Clay * (Kitty Litter)
30 lb. bag
Weight of absorbent used to clean spill: 0.40 lb. 1.00 lb. 0.15 lb. 1.75 lb. 3.50 lb.
Volume & weight of motor oil: 1 qt. or 1.75 lb. 1 qt. or 1.75 lb. 1 qt. or 1.75 lb. 1 qt. or 1.75 lb. 1 qt. or 1.75 lb.
Total weight of combined materials: 2.15 lb. 2.75 lb. 1.90 lb. 3.50 lb. 5.25 lb.
Minutes required to clean up spill: 1:35 2:00 1:10 3:00 4:15
Condition of surface after cleaning: Clean & dry Clean & dry Clean & dry Slight residue Slight residue
Ability to encapsulate synthetic oil without leaching PASS PASS PASS FAIL FAIL

*Clay, Kitty Liter, and Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) carry the warning that they contain dangerous crystalline silica which the IARC finds to have sufficient evidence to be classified as a human carcinogen, capable of causing cancer and silicosis upon inhalation.

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