Absorbing the Emergency

We hear sirens wail and pull to the side of the road to let the emergency vehicles by, breathing a sigh of relief that it’s not our business or home that is on fire, or part of a highway accident. But what does the scene look like from the emergency response team’s perspective?

Emergency crews put their lives on the line daily to serve and protect their community. It’s a dangerous job much of the time, which is why Impact Absorbents is proud to provide products to help make their work a little easier. XSORB Super Absorbents, FiberLink and FiberDuck sorbents, ColdForm sorbents, recycled pads and spill kits supply everything an emergency response team needs to handle highway spills, vehicle accidents, and engine breakdowns effectively.

Whether the emergency involves an oil spill, hazardous spill or any other liquid that requires immediate action to protect people and the environment, Impact Absorbents products are on the job with the emergency crew to speed spill containment and make the clean up effort faster, easier, and safer for everyone involved.

Once the first responders have arrived, we know we’re in competent hands. While they absorb the emergency, those on the sidelines can say thank you and take steps to ensure your business is safer from now on. This might be a good time to review your company’s spill prevention plan or create one if you don’t yet have such a plan in place.


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