Acidic solution found in a Louisiana rail car

Local and state authorities were dispatched to investigate a foul smell coming from a rail car in Bossier City, Louisiana last week, reports

Upon arrival, officials found a Sodium Sulfite leak in one of the train cars near Benton and Viking Drive, according to the source.

A Hazmat team, Louisiana State Police and several other local agencies worked together to contain the spill before the chemical solution presented any further threat to the community. Sodium Sulfite is a powerful white powdered compound commonly used for pulping wood in the manufacturing of various grades of paper, reports INDSPEC.

No one was harmed as a result of exposure to the chemical solution.

However, it is important for cleanup crews to act diligently to contain and remove the chemical from the rail car to prevent potential damages. XSORB Acid Neutralizing Absorbent is a high-quality formula that turns liquids and semi-liquid solutions into dry matter in seconds. Officials would simply place the absorbent formula on the Sodium Sulfite, wait for it to harden and sweep it up for disposal.

When it comes to protecting an entire community, having top-of-the-line absorbent devices on hand is important. 

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