After the Concert

You may have heard that a certain pop superstar has been playing to sold-out stadiums this spring. We weren’t able to snag tickets, but there are a lot of great clips online.

What nobody seems to be talking about, however, is what happens after a Taylor Swift concert. We imagine those arenas are just a little bit the worse for wear after thousands of delirious fans have been dancing and possibly eating and drinking for hours. Somebody has to clean it all up before the next night’s event, even (especially!) if it’s a Swift encore performance.

We can’t say for certain whether these stadiums and arenas are using Spill Hero spill clean up solutions. We hope so. Here’s how we can help return those event centers to sparkling condition:

  • Spill Hero Spill Station with Super Squeegee Broom. We think every large capacity event center ought to have a spill station stationed, as it were, in every corner. Custom-made to hold our flagship granular Spill Hero Clean Up Absorbent, the Spill Station will reduce slip and fall injuries, open aisles in record time, and cut labor costs by up to 70%. It’s wall mountable, and can be the cornerstone of your spill management program.
  • Biohazard Spill Kit with Biofresh Absorbent Plus Disinfectant. Of course, given the nature of concerts, it might also be a good idea to include a biohazard kit such as ours in your spill clean up plan. Biofresh spill kits are just 10″ x 12″ and easily stored behind registers of counters, or in any area where first aid or accidental spill clean up items are kept. Because even though you may not want to think about blood and vomit, where people gather, especially in a highly excitable state, accidents and overindulgence happen. So you’ll want to be prepared.

We have 500 spill clean up solutions to choose from, but these products will give you a good start. Consider it the warm-up act for the main event. Now you can enjoy the concert (even if it’s your child’s brand of music, not yours), knowing the clean up event will be simpler, because Spill Hero has your back.

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