All Hail the Hospital Maintenance Staff

These are strange times. Whereas once it was considered odd if someone refused to shake hands, today it’s a violation to do so. We keep a respectful distance from everyone, wear masks to avoid contagion in either direction, and sanitize relentlessly. If someone coughs because a piece of food went down the wrong way, others nearby look at them with suspicion.

The same goes for the way we show our appreciation. Once upon a time, a clap on the back or a hug, maybe a card or a gift, said “thank you” to the recipient. But these are unusual times. Now it’s an e-card, a virtual hug.

For many months following the onset of the pandemic, 8 pm signaled the “healthcare howl,” when people in towns across America (and in other parts of the world, in their time zones) would step onto a porch or open a window and howl their gratitude to the frontline workers who’ve been tirelessly doing their utmost to care for those who fall ill.

Gratitude Attitude

We at Impact Absorbents love this creative show of gratitude, because we understand how underappreciated those behind the scenes can be. While the doctors, nurses, and other members of the medical staff are working to maintain and restore America’s health, the hospital maintenance crew is fairly invisible, though they also perform an essential service. Without maintenance, a hospital would be a rather unpleasant and unsafe place.

Think about biohazard response in patient rooms, in the hallways, in the cafeterias. A mop and bucket are not only inefficient, but messy, creating a new hazard while a wet floor dries. By contrast, an XSORB Universal 30 gallon Labpack Spill Kit provides personal protection equipment (PPE) such as nitrile gloves, goggles, and mask for the person responsible for handling the spill clean up, along with all the supplies necessary to contain, absorb, disinfect, and dispose of the spill.

For the diagnostics lab, the XSORB Biohazard Response Kit is even more comprehensive, containing Tyvek overalls with booties, facemask and eyeshield is an ideal solution: a compact, wall-mountable, economical and fully OSHA-compliant spill containment kit that includes a facemask with eyeshield, high risk protective gloves, as well as XSORB Plus Super Absorbent with Disinfectant, antiseptic towelettes and a disinfectant wipe, plastic scrapers, a biohazard disposal bag and a standard disposal bag — even several paper towels. Of course, this Kit is fully compliant with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.

So while doctors are helping patients regain their health, we know and appreciate all that goes on behind the scenes that allows them to do their work unimpeded, and keeps the hospital and lab environments pristine and health-promoting. Spill response crews may be less visible, but no less vital, to creating healthier hospitals and happier patients and staff. 

Stay safe in there!


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