All in the Family

A national consumer products chain, whose local retailer used to be the anchor store in a mini-mall on the outskirts of a nearby town, just completed construction on a new site at a critical intersection: the town’s two main roads leading to the highway. Clearly, traffic is likely to snarl as people who want to shop compete with those driving to work or elsewhere. Residents on both sides of the issue are up in arms.

We empathize. In an era of Big-Box stores and online shopping, it’s easy to overlook the mom and pop businesses that are often the backbone of a community. Impact Absorbents began in the Tharps’ garage 25 years ago, and as demand for our flagship product, XSORB Universal Absorbent, grew, we expanded our product line to over 300 spill and safety products, and relocated to a 45,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing plant in Atascadero, California.

Bu we’re still small-town at heart, and we bring this mindset into every engagement we enjoy with our customers nationwide and internationally, whether you purchase our spill and safety products online, by phone, or from our catalogue. And while a number of our staff members are related by blood, we treat everyone who works here as family.

This is the sense of community we encourage you to bring to your interactions in 2017 and beyond. Wherever you shop for the goods and services you need, both to run your business and for daily living, look for ways to open a dialogue rather than getting stuck in metaphorical gridlock. Connecting with one another from the heart is the true key to success, in business and in life.

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