Amagansett residents hope to curb the effects of erosion in their community

Residents in Amagansett, New York, may get some assistance in the form of beach nourishment to help reduce the severe erosion effects seen along their beaches, reports

The citizens of the town near Lazy Point are hoping a county dredging project will work to their advantage.

According to the news source, since the western beach was first opened and later widened, the community has lost about 200 feet of beach real estate. Piles of stones now sit where sand used to be, and beach-side homes are beginning to lose parts of their backyards.

In situations where the effects of rising water have become a community-wide concern, county officials need the proper erosion control products. Jute Netting is a high-quality product made from natural and sustainable fibers. Jute Netting stabilizes the soil and promotes the establishment of permanent vegetation in all environments.

In Amagansett, Jute Netting could be used to keep sand in place and help native plants grow to prevent further erosion. When it comes to protecting a community’s most attractive quality, having the necessary erosion control products are important. 

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