An Education in School Preservation

School’s out for summer, and children won’t give the classroom another thought until they’re back inside the hallowed halls of learning. But that doesn’t mean the school is sitting idle all summer.

Just like the crew that tears down and packs up a concert stage or theatre after a performance, there’s a crew that comes to school once the students are finished for the year. They’re not here for higher education, but to ensure educators are able to focus on it. We speak, of course, of the venerable maintenance team.

Is there graffiti to disappear, bathrooms that require updated plumbing, doors or windows that need to be replaced or repaired? They’re on it. And with all these maintenance supplies in use, it’s probable that at some point, a spill or two will occur even if it’s just accidentally knocking over a can of soda at lunch.

Educated Spill Clean Up

Impact Absorbents is prepared.Schools are a business like any other, and we have the spill solutions the education field needs to keep those who work on and in the school system safe.

ConsiderXSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent.Whether the spill involves paint, grease, or that can of Diet Coke, XSORB Outdoor is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly dry spill clean up formula made to absorb it on contact. With Outdoor All-Purpose, it’s easy for construction workers and repair crews to simply sweep away spills, saving labor, time and money.

Does the team need protective gear for some of the work? We’re on it, with resources such asPowerGrab Glovesthat feature a superior “crinkle” grip perfect in wet and dry applications, toChemical Splash Goggleswith lenses that have 99 percent UV protection. There’s also theXSORB Biohazard Absorbent Response Kit with Facemask, Gloves and Coveralls, in case the spill clean up situation is especially, um, encrusted from earlier in the year.

Finally, educators will want to stock the classrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium and storage areas with an appropriate array of school-centric spill clean up and spill containment supplies, such asBiofresh Super Absorbent with Disinfectant,XSORB Plus with Disinfectant, and at least a few of our 71 different types ofSpill Kits.

Let’s face it, kids are kids. They’re adorable, have the energy of a thousand Energizer Bunnies, and are amazingly creative, especially when they don’t want to take responsibility for something they did. Which often involves a mess.

So make sure Impact Absorbents goes back to school when the children do, and you’ll be in great shape all year long.


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