April Showers? Maybe not. How to Protect Our Water

With the ongoing drought in California and other parts of the country, it’s more critical than ever to protect our waterways. Given the lack of April showers (so far), May may bring not flowers, but debris in the gutter, leaves on the lake, windblown tree branches

Clearly, this is the time of year when business maintenance professionals can really shine. For the contractor, roofer, landscaper or city worker, your season has arrived.

What are some of the best resources such professionals can use to keep our water safe as they spruce up business grounds?

  • XSORB Outdoor in a 55-gallon Poly Drum. Xsorb Outdoor All-Purpose absorbent is one of our flagship products, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly dry spill clean up formula that absorbs all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact. Outdoor All-Purpose makes it easy to sweep spills away, saving labor, time and money and protecting our waterways from becoming the recipients of unintentional waste. In addition, XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose is a heavier formula that stays down even in slightly windy conditions, which can be common in spring. It absorbs six times more than clay.
  • Recycled FiberLink Universal Heavyweight Absorbent Pads. When the going gets tough, some people will bail. What they need is a bale of 100 Fiberlink Universal Heavyweight Absorbent Pads. They’re made of recycled sorbent matting, making them doubly eco-friendly. And our advanced technology expands the fibers to give you more surface area for increased absorption speed and capacity. After all, spills come in all shapes and sizes. You need a flexible product that lets you clean up fast, without the worry of escaped waste. No matter how irregular the spill, our absorbent pads can handle it, whether you need to crumple a pad into pipefittings, wrap it around hoses, wipe down barrels it conforms to the shape you need. That’s one useful spill clean up resource!
  • FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Socks. Just as you wouldn’t wear hiking socks with dress shoes (we assume), it’s important to have the right type of socks available to protect water from waste. FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Socks fill the bill. They’re perfect to clean up small oil spills on land or in water, rapidly absorbing hydrocarbons such as crude oil, diesel oil and gasoline. Our socks are also designed to contain spills around machine bases. Made from highly absorbent hydrophobic fiber and water-repellent, they’ll float indefinitely.

These are just a few of the 300-plus products Impact Absorbents provides to preserve and protect our water, land and businesses from spills and environmental disasters. You can explore the products that might best suit your business here.

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