Are We Having Fun Yet?

Have you ever traveled with small children? In between pestering their siblings or needing a rest stop, they constantly ask, “Are we there yet?” A close cousin to this inquiry is, “Are we having fun yet?”

What does this have to do with spill clean up, you may ask? Here at Impact Absorbents, we’re one large, happy family. There are a lot of children among our group. So we’ve learned a thing or two about how to keep kids amused.

In fact, some of our products lend themselves to hours of potential fun. Not in the use of them, we hasten to clarify that’s still for spill clean up and spill containment purposes, and even though our products are non-toxic, they ought to be kept out of the reach of children.

Thenamesof some of our products, however, can provide endless enjoyment on the road. For instance:Spill Hero. Spill clean up heroes know it’s a small disposable pad that hides in your pocket to quickly vanquish liquid spills on contact, so you need never fear your clumsy cubicle neighbor knocking over your coffee again.

Just imagine what a child could do with this idea, and imagination. What kinds of magic can Spill Hero perform? How will they be attired? If Spill Heroes are small enough to fit in a pocket, where might they travel? You see the possibilities.

Then there are Impact Absorbents products that sound super cool, likeDrum Bogie. You may know it as a durable polyethylene undercarriage that protects against incidental leaks and spills when transporting 30-, 55- and 95-gallon drums. But to children? It might be sound like a dance done to a drumbeat. Introduce the term “drum bogie” and let their creativity fly!

Who knows: you might arrive at your destination without once hearing “Are we there yet?” No promises, though. We can only guarantee our spill clean up effectiveness.


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