Are You Bored? Ways to Spice Up July

It may surprise you to learn that July is National Boredom Month, which seems a bit strange considering school’s out, many adults are taking vacations, and there ought to be endless ways to amuse oneself during the Dog Days of Summer.

July is also National Ice Cream Month, National Blueberry Month, and National Picnic Month, so the focus on fun ways to eat through hot days seems clear.

What also seems clear to us at Impact Absorbents is that July might be called National Clean Up the Mess Month. It’s not on any calendar we’re aware of, but we always say it pays to be prepared. And are we ever.

You probably noticed we recently changed the name of our website to, to more accurately reflect the range of spill clean up solutions we offer. So let’s address the mess July picnickers and ice cream lovers might make: 

  • XSORB Universal. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, our flagship dry formula is simply the best all-purpose spill clean up response to have on hand in these warmer months, particularly if you’re around ice cream, greasy burgers or fried chicken (did we mention National Fried Chicken Day takes place in July?), or all sorts of sweet. Yes, Chocolate Day happens in July, too, although we think this might occur throughout the calendar year.

Whatever the spill, XSORB Universal will leave your floors dry and non-slippery within minutes. Of course, it’s FDA approved for use around food, and will absorb that greasy mess on contact, making it easy to simply sweep the spill away. Back to the party… 

  • Grease Catcher. If you’re a restaurant owner preparing those fried chicken delights or burgers and fries (yep, you guessed it, July also contains National French Fries Day, which, like the chocolate, is more of an every day, or at least weekly, occurrence), you’ll want to have Grease Catcher installed to handle the FOG (fats, oils and grease) that will otherwise destroy your lovely roof, creating a fire hazard, then make its way to your drains, creating a fine hazard. Uh-oh.

Protect your business, bank account and reputation with the Grease Catcher System, which will keep your restaurant roof safe so you can focus on what you do best: keeping your customers’ stomachs happy. 

We hope these suggestions have given you food for thought about how to keep July interesting. If you’re bored, there are bound to be more areas that will need spill clean up soon.

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