Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

Fiber. It used to be the essence of many commercials targeted towards older adults: products that claimed to, um, move things along, much as ingesting beans, bananas, apples, avocados and similar foods do.

At Impact Absorbents, we have a different take on fiber. While we also believe you need to take your fiber on a regular basis to maintain good health, for us it’s about our waterways and workplaces, especially machine shops and other areas where oil and grease spills proliferate.

FiberLink and FiberDuck Absorbent Pads, Rolls, Socks, and Booms are some of the best poly sorbents on the market today for picking up spills on contact, stopping liquids from running, and preventing tracking in the workplace.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can get more fiber into your business “diet” for smarter spill clean up and spill containment:

Absorbent Pads

Absorbent pads are easy, safe to use, and bonded for extra strength and durability. They’re even good for the environment when you choose our Recycled FiberLink Universal Heavyweight Absorbent Pads. Our advanced technology expands the fibers to give you greater surface area for increased absorption speed and capacity.

And, they’re flexible. Spills and waste come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how irregular the shape, our absorbent pads can handle the spill: crumple the pad into pipe fittings, wrap it around hoses, wipe down barrels — our pads are chameleons, conforming to the shape of your spill containment need.

Absorbent Rolls

Like our absorbent pads, our absorbent roll matting is easy and safe to use, and bonded for extra strength and durability. Every roll comes perforated for easy tearing to the size you need.

Consider our FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Roll. Its construction provides extra absorbency, making it ideal for spills on water or land. While floating, our oil-only polypropylene absorbs all petroleum-based liquids, without absorbing a drop of water. The bright white color makes it highly visible, and the extremely durable heavyweight, perforated pads mean you only use what you need for the spill at hand, reducing waste.

Absorbent Socks

Your business can “wear” our absorbent socks in any environment: they mold around barrels, crates, machinery or refrigeration units to trap leaks and drips, and absorb overspray and block spills from sensitive areas such as drains and walkways. 

FiberLink Universal Absorbent Handy Socks are an ideal way to prevent slips and falls. The convenient, wall-mountable box makes them easy to store and find when needed, and the gray color hides soil for longer usage. “Sock it” to spills, drips and leaks before they can cause problems in your workplace!

Absorbent Booms

Absorbent Booms bring much-needed fiber to the marine environment. While you may not think aquatic life requires fiber, sea creatures do need clean water, and our absorbent booms provide it. Oil Absorbent Booms are made from a special patented hydrophobic fiber and highly UV resistant materials. They quickly absorb hydrocarbons such as crude oil, motor oil, diesel oil and gasoline while continuing to float indefinitely.

Check out our FiberDuck Oil Booms, which create a barrier to stop any spill, especially on water. They’ll float indefinitely, even when fully saturated. Take that, marine pollution.


There you have it: the keys to a healthier workplace and marine environment, simply by adding more fiber to your business “diet”. Our spill clean up solutions are so easy and effective, it may just inspire you to add more of the other kind of fiber to your personal diet. An apple a day, you know …

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