Aren’t A Mop and Bucket Good Enough?

Many people skate through life, settling for a B instead of putting in the extra effort for an A, accepting a “meh” job where they count down the days till Friday instead of holding out for more than just a paycheck. After landing her dream job within two weeks on LinkedIn, one social media superstar penned a blog post urging job seekers not to settle for mediocre.

Michaela Alexis shines for the same reason your floors will after using Impact Absorbents products: because she (and we) go beyond everybody else to create the extraordinary by walking a different path, infused with creativity, dedication, and a belief that what we have to offer is superbly valuable. For Michaela, that means a job she loves that fully utilizes her talents.

For Impact Absorbents, it means nearly a quarter century of creating an ever-expanding line of premium, eco-friendly absorbents that protect the planet, your health and your business with safe, economical, effective spill clean up and spill containment.

You may not know that our company launched in the Tharp family garage, and as the demand for XSORB grew, the company expanded its offerings to more than 300 spill and safety products. Impact Absorbents, Inc. now occupies a 45,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing plant in Atascadero, California, where all of our employees are treated as family.

So the next time you’re in a place of business and notice someone hauling out a mop and bucket to deal with a spill, you might want to mention the XSORB advantage. After all, when you can handle a spill quickly and efficiently with a product like the XSORB Spill Station with Squeegee, which includes everything necessary to safely clean up the spill in record time, why would you bother with a mop and bucket? “Good enough” rarely is.

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