Austin city officials battle erosion of Shoal Creek

Officials in Austin, Texas, are hoping to finalize restoration plans of one of the city’s oldest natural resources, Shoal Creek, which is in danger after years of neglect and erosion.

The city will kick off a series of public meetings on December 7 to show residents plans to shore up the waterway and restore nearby park land, according to Your News Now.

Morgan Byars from the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department, told the news agency that the city is losing more land with every flood that comes through the area.

“What we’re doing is trying to really trying to offset the impacts of urbanization while we’re preserving the parkland,” Byars added. “So we’re trying to do as much as we can in Shoal Creek to make it a healthy ecosystem.”

Byars said the city is willing to spend as much as $5 million to stabilize the land around Shoal Creek. Erosion control products from Impact Absorbents including Ultra Gutter Guard and Silt Fencing can help shore up precious waterways and prevent further environmental damage.

Construction of the restoration project is expected to begin next summer.

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