Auto crash in Kansas closes I-70 and causes oil spill

An auto crash on October 25 resulted in I-70 being closed down and oil being spilled on the highway.

A semi that was carrying asphalt oil was driving west on the interstate before it got into an accident around 5 a.m., The Kansas City Star reports. Television station KCTV5 reports that the crash happened on Adams Street and killed the driver of the vehicle, according to the Kansas Department of Transportation. He was identified by local authorities as Paul D. Cardwell, 57, of Abilene, Kansas. Investigators are unsure why he lost control of his vehicle.

Several lanes and ramps were closed from the crash, and the highway was closed for several hours. According to The Kansas City Star, some of the asphalt oil contained in the truck was spilled, but the Kansas Highway Patrol reports that this spillage was contained.

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