Automatic Auto Shop Spill Solutions

Auto repair shops are known for being greasier than the most indulgent French Fries. Greasier than a teenager’s acne. Greasier than the wheels of industry. There’s no “oil shortage” on the floor of a typical automotive shop! Which means you need industrial strength spill containment products. Paper towels won’t cut it on the auto shop floor, no matter how well they work in the kitchen.

The smart solution? ColdForm Bonded Universal Absorbent Pads and Rolls, the industry’s first high performance oil-only and universal alternative sorbent line. Not only will ColdForm pads catch running fluids, wipe up and clean the spill: they’re earth-friendly, made from renewable fibers and recycled resources which are up to 40 percent more absorbent than polypropylene. Mother Nature knows best. Of course, FiberLink Universal Socks are a staple in any industrial environment, and an auto repair shop is no exception. FiberLink Socks mold easily around machinery, barrels and corners to keep spills blocked from sensitive areas, such as your customer’s Jaguar XKE. And they rapidly absorb and retain oil, coolants, solvents, and water basically any spill or leak. Our FiberLink Socks will knock your socks off, but nothing will knock these socks off, even when they’re fully saturated.Similarly, FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Pads are designed to absorb oil while repelling water, so your shop floor stays pristine while your mechanics are working. The saying, “oil and water don’t mix” has never been more apt than right here, where Impact’s spill containment products are hard at work for you, keeping your work environment safe and clean so you can deliver your customer’s car in perfect repair, right on schedule.

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