Balancing Act

With more of us working remotely than ever before in history, you could start to feel a little unbalanced, staring at the screen all day. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep you limber, so that bending or stooping to clean up a spill doesn’t send your back or knees into agony.

We suggest following these seven smart tips to keep your body limber and well balanced: 

  • Don’t Just Sweep, Squeep!When you hear that telltale sound of breaking glass on Aisle 4, instead of reaching for the paper towels and bucket — that’s old school, and bad for your knees —be sure to have an XSORB Spill Station with Super Squeezer on hand. Besides being a spot-on spill clean up solution, an XSORB Spill Station will let you clean that floor in minutes — and it’s a great workout for your arms, too.
  • Bend forward. Yes, we just recommended an XSORB Spill Station in order to avoid bending and kneeling. But this is different. Sitting all day, or for extended periods, is hard on your body. Bending forward slowly is a good stretch for your back.
  • Stand and deliver. Every time you make or receive a phone call, stand up and move about. Walking while talking will help clear your mind, and benefit your body at the same time. As you’re walking around the shop floor, office, community center, or other worksite, keep a few Floor Safety Pads handy. This way, you can respond to a nuisance spill immediately.
  • Act like an octopus. Your colleagues might think you have the jitters, but you’re just staying in shape. Aim to move your legs often while seated: sometimes outstretched, sometimes bent, sometimes tucked under you. The important point is not to be sedentary in one position for too long.
  • Start off on the right foot. Speaking of feet, footwear affects how you move, and whether or not you’ll develop back pain. We can’t quite imagine how Lady Gaga walks on those platform shoes without heels. But celebrities are different. In your everyday life, choose quality footwear with good arch support. And don’t be “shifty”: most people put their weight on the leg that feels most comfortable to them, which unbalances your body over time. Be an equal opportunity walker: treat both legs the same. Your body will be grateful.
  • Give yourself a lift. If your job (or that of an employee or co-worker) entails repeatedly lifting more than ten pounds, put these pointers into practice ASAP. You ought to be able to handle repeated lifting tasks without pain or injury — it’s the muscle imbalances and postural misalignments that eventually lead to problems.
  • Lighten up! Finally, aim to reduce stress, which creates tight muscles and lowers pain tolerance. Deep breathing, a walk around the block, talking with a friend, and watching humorous videos can help. These are some of the most challenging times most of us have ever lived in, and learning how to enlighten up will help you stay balanced, on and off the job.
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