Becoming A Spill Clean Up Champion

When the rock group Queen sang, “We Are the Champions,” they probably didn’t have raceways in mind. (Then again, a title like that seems applicable to racing). Whatever their intent, we know raceways experience more potential spill clean up situations than any other industry. Except for grocery and retail. Or harbors and marinas. We ought to include hospitals in this list, too. And even though it’s summer, let’s add schools, which will be back in session soon enough.

You get the point. Regardless of the industry you’re in, spills happen. And when they happen on the track, the oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic spills, lubricants, gasoline or any other spill can wreck your whole day. Unless you’re prepared.

XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent is one of the best ways to slay the oil spill dragon. When you make XSORB Outdoor part of your spill containment plan, you’re on the right track. XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, granular-based acid neutralizer that’s perfect for racetrack spill clean up, easily handling tough spills such as oil, grease and paint. Pound for pound, XSORB Outdoor absorbs six times more than clay, saving you labor, time and money.

Off the track, XSORB Outdoor is also a spill containment solution for all types of work trucks, tow trucks, fire trucks, DOT trucks or any other vehicle or application where you need an all-purpose absorbent for liquids and semi-liquids.

Racers who enjoy life on the edge will also appreciate XSORB EDGE: a heavy-duty formula that won’t blow away in the wind, whether you’re on the track or the highway. XSORB EDGE Aggressive Absorbent lets you clean up the toughest spills in a hurry, lifting liquids from the surface to leave asphalt and concrete surfaces clean and dry, not slippery. It even exceeds landfill regulations for proper disposal.

When you use Impact Absorbents spill clean up solutions, you’ll be a racetrack champion, every time. Even if you can’t sing a note.


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