Behaving As If Nature Were A Business

Speaker, naturalist and photographer Steve Kaye poses the intriguing inquiry: Suppose you were hired to beCEO of Nature. How would you run this business?

Obviously it will need to be both economicallyandecologically profitable. But the business can’t be sold or merged: Nature is a closed system. And if you make the wrong choices, bankruptcy is not an option, because that will mean planetary extinction. Oops.

Taking Stock of Our Natural Resources

Kaye points out that we’re all “stockholders” in Nature, so in order to make it successful, we need to manage resources wisely, manage waste, hire the best and brightest, charge fairly, and, most important of all, keep the public informed.

We love Steve Kaye’s analogy, because at Impact Absorbents, we behave this way every day. Our business was founded on an ecological ethos, placing Nature front and center in our research and development. We’re proud to pioneer highly effective, economical spill clean up and spill containment products that are non-toxic, safe for both the user and the environment.

Mother Nature, being a mother, naturally cleans up after herself. Humans, however, need a little help. That’s where we come in. From marinas to municipalities, raceways to retail stores, hospitals to households, schools to food service, and more, you can depend on our extensive array of spill clean up products to run your business safely, healthfully, and ecologically.

We also understand how important it is toteach the next generationabout protecting our natural resources, and have made training a high priority as well.

We think Mother Nature would approve.


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