“Berm-anent” Spill Safety on the Road

Winter truckin’ can be a long haul, dodging snowstorms and black ice, hail and torrential rains. But seasoned drivers know their rigs and the road inside out. Except when the oil tank springs an unexpected leak. Or the brake seal breaks.

From the roadway to the repair shop, oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolants, and solvents present a challenge when spilled. Fortunately, Impact Absorbents has a “berm-anent” solution: Spill Berms.

While a spill berm isn’t a permanent solution in the sense of resolving the leak, it’s the ideal road companion for emergencies. Our portable berms are designed to fulfill the need for compact, rugged spill containment. They’re easily stowed behind the truck seat or in the cab of most equipment, where they are readily available to catch sudden leaks and spills.

The durable polymer construction enhanced with a special coating compound withstands and remains useable at temperatures from minus 65F to 130F, meaning these spill berms perform admirably from Alaska to Arizona, and everywhere in between. And the berm itself can take the heat, handling hot automotive fluids including oil, brake fluid, diesel, gasoline, coolants and acids.

What’s more, our spill berms can be prefitted with a disposable absorbent pad for fast and easy clean up. After the pad is used, simply dispose of it according to local regulations and replace with a new pad. Wipe the berm dry, refold, and stow it away for re-use.

It’s good to know you have a travel companion who can take the heat, stays cool under pressure, and be with you for the long haul. Drive safely!


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