Best in Class: Absorbents That Earn An A+

It’s the end of the semester at many colleges, time for term break in secondary schools, and in most cases this means: tests. Whether students thrive on essays exams, where they can expound on their knowledge (or take one fact and spin a good story around it) or they’re expert memorizers who do well with multiple-choice, it’s a safe bet those pens, tablets, laptops and phones will be humming as they showcase their expertise.

At Impact Absorbents, we’re expert test-takers, too, and our school is comprised of all the agencies that ensure our spill clean up and spill containment products meet the nation’s most rigorous safety, health, and environmental standards. XSORB Tests and Certifications include:

  • Paint Filter Test No. 9095. XSORB has been tested and approved for disposal in hazardous landfills according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Paint Filter Liquids Test, Method #9095, which determines the leaching or non-leaching characteristics of an absorbent. Materials disposed in hazardous waste landfills obviously can’t be allowed to leak. XSORB passed with flying colors.
  • Dynamic Degradation & L-W Test. XSORB has been independently tested and approved for use on the Canadian waterways, according to the Canadian General Standards Board’s Dynamic Degradation & L-W Test, which determines the buoyancy and hydrophobic properties along with total saturation levels when applied to marine environments. That’s a complex way of saying, XSORB products work brilliantly in the water.
  • TCLP Test. XSORB has been tested and approved for disposal in landfills according to the EPA’s Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP), which determines leaching rates and toxicity levels as required by numerous federal and state agencies.
  • Hydrocarbon Absorption from Water Filtered through XSORB. XSORB Select’s ability to remove petroleum contamination from water through filtration was tested and rated 99.45% removal. Zymax Envirotechnology, Inc. performed the independent testing.
  • Abalone Larval Toxicity Test. XSORB has been tested and approved for use on the most sensitive waterways, according to the EPA’s Abalone Larval Development Short-term Toxicity Test for Oil Spill Cleanup Agents. This test determines whether a sorbent is harmful to marine and animal life. XSORB is environmentally friendly to all life, that’s no fish story.
  • Static Electricity Generation. This test has nothing to do with laundry or post-Millennials. XSORB was tested and approved as a non-generator of static electricity by National Testing Standards, Inc. No ignition occurred, nor was any evidence of static electricity discharge observed. Sometimes, you can pass a test by what you don’t do.

We have a lot of sympathy for students, having undergone our own extensive testing. What we can offer those about to sit exams is: it’s phenomenal to be best in class, whatever you choose to do. And if you’ve never had to prove that you’re a safe container for hazardous materials, consider yourself fortunate.

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