Body Shop Smarts

Even the safest drivers occasionally have minor mishaps with their vehicles, and then it’s time for the body shop. But would you choose your repair shop based on cleanliness?

Think about it. Auto repair may be how the catchphrase, “greasing the wheels of industry” originated. Customers are used to seeing oil and grease stains on mechanics’ hands; it’s almost a measure of effectiveness.

Yet when one of our customers scraped the side of her van trying to back up on a circular driveway that had an interior garden surrounded by a spiked fence (a recipe for disaster…), she visited several body shops and chose one that was head-and-shoulders above the rest in appearance: the office was spotless and well appointed, the restroom modern and sparkling. Even the repair bays looked clean and organized. She felt this outward appearance spoke to the quality of repairs she could expect, because if the owners care this much about how their shop looks to customers, they’re bound to take equal pride in their workmanship.

We think it’s a wise choice. And we’re proud to provide the products that help keep the transportation industry clean, safe, and humming.

Consider ColdForm Bonded Universal Absorbent Pads, the industry’s first high performance oil-only and universal alternative sorbent line. ColdForm pads catch running fluids, clean up spills, and are constructed of renewable fibers and recycled resources which are up to 40 percent more absorbent than polypropylene.

FiberLink Universal Socks are also essential for an auto repair shop. They mold easily around machinery, barrels and corners to keep spills blocked from sensitive areas, such as the interior of your customer’s Maserati. And they rapidly absorb and retain oil, coolants, solvents, and water basically any spill or leak. Even when fully saturated, these socks stay put.

Similarly, FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Pads are designed to absorb oil while repelling water, keeping the shop floor pristine while the mechanics are at work.

So while the best course of action is avoiding the need for a body shop, if you do happen to find yourself with some unfortunate dents or dings, inspect the shop you’re considering for cleanliness as well as mechanical skill. (And if you’re the shop owner, take note!). A shop that’s savvy about spill clean up is likely to do a responsible job with your vehicle, too.

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