Boston’s Logan Airport receives $90,000 fine due to insufficient cleanup training

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a $90,000 penalty against Boston’s Logan Airport because the facility failed to provide workers sufficient tutorials regarding oil spill cleanup methods. The lack of training could impact airport workers and travelers.

BOSFuel, a collection of major airlines, controls more than seven million gallons of oil stationed at the airport, and Swissport Fueling manages the oil facility’s day-to-day operations. The EPA penalty has led the companies to consider new ways to improve training deficiencies, and the two organizations are working collaboratively with the agency to make the corrections.

An oil spill container leak may cause harmful liquids to discharge into nearby waterways, which could affect an airport’s operations. Oil storage facilities can use the FiberDuck oil select sock to control spills immediately.

This sock provides an ideal solution for oil leaks on land or in water, and can soak up hydrocarbons including crude oil, diesel oil and gasoline. The product is designed to absorb leaks around machine bases, and features a polypropylene skin that is chemical, tear and UV resistant. 

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