Boy Scout Smarts

We’ve all heard the famous Scouting motto: Be Prepared. But knowing something and actually doing it can be poles apart, as anyone who’s vowed to start an exercise program or reorganize their files can attest.

When it comes to emergencies, however, you don’t get a “do over.” Preparation can mean the difference between your business continuing to flourish, or going under. A survey by the Insurance Information Institute found that up to 40 percent of businesses affected by a natural or human-caused disaster never reopen their doors. And along the same lines, an Ad Council survey revealed that 62 percent of small businesses have no emergency plan in place. Put these two statistics together and it’s clear you could be at serious risk of losing all you’ve built when the unexpected happens.

To help you be among those whose business survives an emergency and continue to thrive, we recently posted a brief spill prevention plan guide. Beyond this, we at Impact Absorbents recommend that you have an adequate supply of spill containment products available. Whether your business is more likely to face chemical or other hazardous spill containment situations, or oil and fuel spills, XSORB has the solution for fast, safe spill containment and spill clean up.

Remember: Denial is not a river in Egypt. Though it may be more enjoyable to forecast next season’s numbers and dream up new products or services, preparedness is your business’s foundation stone. When you’re prepared, you’ll breathe easier, knowing your business is among the smart 38 percent who anticipated contingencies. And that will brighten your outlook. Scout’s honor.


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