Branding Your Business: The Impact Advantage

Branding your business requires a bit more finesse than branding cattle. It’s important to fine-tune your brand for distinctiveness. Here’s how Impact Absorbents can help:

  1. Stand out from the herd. If you’re in the transportation industry, for example, would you like to be known as “the greenest bus service” in your county or state? Impact will separate you from the herd by keeping your vehicles eco-compliant with state-of-the-art spill containment and spill cleanup solutions, from XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent to FiberLink Universal Poly Sorbents to a wide selection of spill kits, all designed, tested and proven to keep your vehicles spill-safe, from roadway to repair shop. Oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolants and solvents all present a serious challenge if they leak or spill. With Impact Absorbents in your corner, you can brand your transport business as “the most eco-savvy, spill-smart buses (or trucks, or taxis) on the road.”

2. Determine what customers want most. The aisles of grocery stores are a place of constant action. A spill is not only dangerous; it creates a traffic jam and possibly lost business. The average spill involving oil or grease takes approximately twenty minutes to clean up from the point of identifying the spill type, setting out warning cones, closing off the area, locating the mop and bucket, bringing it back, removing broken glass or plastic, scooping up the bulk, repeatedly wringing and mopping, changing the mop water and returning the bucket to its storage area. What a waste of time and labor! Using an XSORB Spill Station takes approximately five minutes from spill identification to a clean, dry floor and that equals a happy grocery store. (Yes, we like the rhyme, too. You can use it!)

  1. Select your USP. For many businesses, especially those involving lots of people, safety is a top priority. So “Service with Safety,” might be the USP, or Unique Selling Proposition, of a food service company. While the customer-facing tagline for a catering business could read, “The Lunch Bunch: We Feed Your Creativity!”, the staff will be delighted to be spill savvy and safe in the kitchen, thanks to XSORB.
  1. Create a slogan. Think of “Just do it!” or “Reach out and touch someone.” Chances are, you can easily name each company. This is the power of taglines, slogans and multiple brand identities. The Impact family of absorbents includes:

    • XSORB, a universal formula for just about anything: hazardous chemicals, oil, syrup, solvent, liquid soap, or paint.
    • Rock Solid, which transforms leftover paint into an easily disposable solid.
    • FiberLink and FiberDuck Socks, Booms and Rolls quarantine oil and hazardous spills quickly.
    • Grease Catcher is in a class by itself, which restaurant owners greatly appreciate.

We’re proud to be the ideal spill clean-up solution for spills in kitchens, work areas, store aisles, check stands, walkways, refrigerators and freezers, restrooms, parking lots anywhere spills happen!

So let us help brand your business as the safe, effective, environmentally friendly company you are. It’s as easy as ordering the spill clean-up solution you need, to enable your employees and customers to enjoy a safer, healthier business experience.


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