Breathing Lessons

Breath. It’s the key to life, and the focus of both meditation and yoga. The more you can “watch your breath,” the more you can effortlessly expand your lung capacity, the more you can improve both your health and concentration. At least, that’s what the yogis and meditation instructors expound.

Then there’s natural childbirth, in which birth coaches encourage the mother-to-be to breathe as she’s learned to, in order to facilitate the delivery. Usually it’s the expectant father who needs to work on his breathing, though.

The expression, “take a breather” applies in professional wrestling and also when kids get a little too aggressive with each other.

There’s something else that needs to breathe, though you might not think of it as readily: your fuel tank. Safe Solutions Fuel Tank Breather removes moisture, dirt particles and other contaminants to keep your fuel tanks’ contents clean and pure, preventing corrosion and chemical reactions by cleaning and drying the air entering tanks, which minimizes maintenance costs.

Whether you work in the transportation industry or just do a lot of driving on the job, you’ll appreciate having a rig that runs better, longer, with fewer spill clean up needs or road emergencies. And that means you’ll be breathing easier. No fuelin’.


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