Bucket-ing the Trend

Social pressure to go along with the crowd has never been as intense as it has since the rise of social media. Back in prehistoric times (circa 1980), if a child had problems with their peers in school, it was a relatively safe bet that only the kids involved knew about it. And maybe their teachers. Or the principal. Or a few sets of parents. But we digress a bit. 

The point is, in today’s world, anything anyone does can be instantly photographed (and Photoshopped), uploaded to social platforms from Instagram to Twitter, TikTok to Snapchat, and shared worldwide before the person in question has even formed a coherent protest. Not fun.

But the trend towards social conformity doesn’t only affect youngsters and their phones. We all have an innate desire to belong, and to emulate behaviors and choices that have worked well for others. That’s why so many people use the same products they grew up with: if it worked for Mom, it’s good enough for me. And for the most part, that’s probably a sound decision.

Not, however, when it comes to spill clean up. This is one area where bucking the status quo — or bucket-ing the status quo — will benefit you. Because mops and buckets are not the smartest way to manage a spill, in any environment: grocery store, restaurant, event center, repair shop…

To bucket the trend, retire the old tried-and-not-so-true mop and bucket and choose one of Impact Absorbents’ numerous solutions designed specifically for spill containment and spill clean up in a business setting. Some of the popular solutions you may select include:

You’ll quickly discover how our environmentally friendly super absorbent solidifies water- and oil based liquids on contact, making it easy to simply sweep spills away. It’s non-toxic, non-leaching, and leaves surfaces clean and dry in a matter of minutes. 

Why wring your hands as you wring out that tired old mop over and over, wasting time and energy, and keeping the floor dangerously slippery longer than necessary?

Be brave: bucket the trend, and go with Impact Absorbents spill clean up solutions. It’s time to become a new kind of trendsetter. We’ve got the solutions you need, so you’ve got this.

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