Caltrans Kudos from Car-lovin’ Californians

Californians drive. A lot. In fact, among all 50 states, California has the second highest number of highway miles in the U.S. Which means the Department of Transportation has its hands full.

The men and women of Caltrans, who manage more than 50,000 miles of highway and freeway lanes, have their nose to the asphalt, so to speak, keeping the roadways safe and accessible so we busy drivers can get where we’re going. Without texting while driving, of course.

Like postal service workers, Caltrans team members aren’t deterred by the harshest of weather. These committed neighbors, friends and family tolerate dangerous conditions with the practiced aplomb that comes from being skilled at what they do, knowing they’re performing an essential service. Working early, working late, extra long shifts Caltrans people are there wherever and whenever they’re needed.

With so many people planning to travel for the upcoming holidays, we at Impact Absorbents want to say thank you to our friends at Caltrans for all you do. We wish you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday season and new year.

Be alert out there. Always, “Slow for Cone Zone”!


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