Can Spill Products Produce Primordial Joy?

French sociologist Emile Durkheim coined the term “collective effervescence” to describe how communal events, such as the annual “Burning Man” festival, dissolve individual egos in a pool of radiant collective joy.

This may be why many young people flouted the “shelter in place” mandates and traveled to Florida for spring break, despite the virus threat: the anticipated joy of gathering with members of their tribe. That wasn’t a wise move.

However, one outcome seems certain: once the coronavirus outbreak abates, our emancipation is going to lead people everywhere to reach for joy.

And we have the spill clean up and spill containment solutions to support them. For instance:

  • Drum circle. Drumming is an ancient call to celebration, practiced in cultures worldwide. We know what will perfectly complement your desire to drum: our 65-gallon Salvage Drum with Metal Bolt Band. After all, what’s a band without a drum? This high-density polyethylene Salvage Drum is ideal for storage, transportation, clean up and spill containment of larger containers. Just don’t try smuggling anyone inside to get backstage for an autograph.
  • Deep breathing. Another result of the coming global wellness is being able to breathe easily again, both literally and metaphorically. Your lungs and your fuel tank will both be delighted with our Safe Solutions Fuel Tank Dessicant Breather, guaranteed to keep your fuel tank’s contents clean and pure. It removes moisture, dirt particles and other contaminants, thereby preventing corrosion and chemical reactions by cleaning and drying the air entering tanks. And if you’re going to be traveling once it’s safe to travel and gather again, you definitely want to start with a vehicle that’s breathing easy.
  • Police escort. Bet you didn’t realize how helpful the police could be when it comes to spill containment. The Grease Police Universal Absorbent Poly-Backed Mat is the best spill solution to ride shotgun in any transport vehicle or industrial setting. With its impermeable moisture barrier, Grease Police absorbs and holds any oil or water-based liquid, and isso versatile it can be used to collect leaks under vehicles, as well as provide a soft protective covering for workbenches and other work areas. Cut it to fit the bottom of trash compactors to clear up messy garbage leaks, or place under paint buckets to prevent unnecessary clean ups. Use on floors and entryways to prevent tracking.

There you have it: several of the best ways to bring spill clean up and spill containment joy to bear in difficult circumstances. Our best advice: stock up now on the spill supplies you’ll need shortly, when health and joy are unleashed again all over the world.

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