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What Do You Harbor?

Some people harbor resentment, which can lead to anger spilling over into caustic language. And while we specialize in cleaning up caustic spills, and spills in the marine environment, we can’t clean up the kind of spills that come from someone’s mouth. Unless it’s vomit. Then, there’s Biofresh. But we digress. What we want to …

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After the Concert

You may have heard that a certain pop superstar has been playing to sold-out stadiums this spring. We weren’t able to snag tickets, but there are a lot of great clips online. What nobody seems to be talking about, however, is what happens after a Taylor Swift concert. We imagine those arenas are just a …

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Up on the Roof

‘Way back in 1963, “Up on the Roof” was a hit for The Drifters. James Taylor recorded it in 1979, and again the song climbed the charts. The roof might be a peaceful place to go and relax when the world gets to be too much. But even 60 years later, there’s one thing you …

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Texting on the Trail

Now that the weather is nice, it feels good to spend time outside. One of the joys of being in Nature is peace and quiet. It’s just birdsong and people chatting to their friends as they walk… oh wait, what’s that loud voice? Yes, it’s someone on their phone, calling a distant galaxy! At least, …

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