Central Illinois chemical spill occurs after semitrailer truck rollover

Fire officials in Normal, Illinois, responded to a chemical spill on Interstate 55 and Interstate 74 on March 28, 2012, according to pantagraph.com. Chemicals filled the roadways as traffic was delayed due to the leak.

The news source reports Bloomington, Illinois, hazardous response workers assisted with the cleanup, using spill kits and other tools to control the leak. Ramps were closed temporarily while officials completed the environmental cleanup. The truck driver was hospitalized following the incident.

A chemical spill can impact state and local officials along with highway motorists. Not only can the leak delay traffic, but officials may spend thousands of dollars hiring hazmat teams and cleanup workers to handle emergency situations. Providing the best tools available can help cities and towns manage chemical spills, and the FiberLink premium universal sock is a viable option.

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