chatGPT: The Lazy Person’s Guide to Spill Clean Up

You have a spill. But you don’t want to stop what you’re doing to clean it up, even with Spill Hero’s exceptional line of spill clean up solutions.

Wait, you just had a brainstorm: get an AI to clean it up for you. After all, if chatGPT can write a homework assignment or even a whole book, why stop there? There must be a way to get this done-for-you technology to clean up a spill, too.

Actually, you can: home robots can be programmed to vacuum, clean windows, even mow lawns, so surely they can handle spill clean up, too.

The distinction is, if your AI assistant cleans up the spill, will you claim you did it?

In her essay on AI vs HI, Sam Horn makes the point that when it comes to creativity, passing off AI-generated work as our own is not only unethical, it borders on illegal. But if you turn in an essay an AI wrote for you, that’s not exactly plagiarism. The AI claims no ownership of the work. Yet neither is it yours.

In an era where we share, distribute and re-post on a daily basis, these blurred lines are, understandably, increasingly difficult for many people to comprehend. What’s so different about turning in AI-assisted work, or reposting someone else’s writing on Facebook?

Fortunately, when it comes to sterling spill clean up solutions, we’re proud to call it DFU (done-for-you). We’ve created hundreds of spill clean up products to meet every imaginable spill clean up or spill containment issue, and we continue to expand and upgrade our line of premium spill clean up support.

You can use an AI to handle the spill, or do it yourself. But as far as we know, no chatGPT has yet invented a spill clean up solution. We’re keeping an eye on them.

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