Chemical Guide for Poly Products

Use the following data to find which Polypropylene product is best for your needs.

Chemical Oil-Only
Chemical Oil-Only
Acetic Acid   x   Heptane x x
Acetic Anhydride   x   Hexane x x
Acetone x x   Hydrazine   x
Acetyl Chloride   x   Hydrochloric Acid   x
Acrolein x x   Hydroflouric Acid   x
Acrylic Acid   x   Hydrogen Cyanide x x
Acrylic Emulsions   x   Hydrogen Peroxide   x
Acrylonitrile   x   Isobutyl Alcohol x x
Allyl Alcohol   x   Isobutyric Acid x x
Aminobenzoic Acid   x   Isopropyl Acetate x x
Ammonia (Anhydrous) x x   Isopropyl Alcohol x x
Ammonium Hydroxide x x   Kerosene x x
Amyl Acetate x x   Keytones x x
Amyl Alcohol   x   Linseed Oil x x
Aniline   x   Lubricating Oil x x
Aqua Regia   x   Methyl Chloride x x
Aviation Fuel x x   Methyl Ether x x
Benzene x x   Methyl Ethyl Ketone x x
Benzoic Acid   x   Methyl Propionate x x
Benzonitrile   x   Mineral Oil x x
Benzoyl Chloride   x   Motor Oil x x
Benzyl Alcohol   x   Naphthalene x x
Boric Acid   x   Nitric Acid   x
Brake Fluid x x   Nitrobenzene   x
Bromine   x   Nitrobenzoic Acid   x
Butyl Acetate x x   Nitrotoluene x x
Butylamine   x   Octane x x
Butyric Acid x x   Oleic Acid x x
Calcium Hydroxide   x   Olive Oil x x
Carbolic Acid   x   Paraffin x x
Carbon Disulfide   x   Perchloroethylene x x
Carbon Tetrachloride x x   Petroleum Ether x x
Castor Oil x x   Phenol   x
Chlorine Water   x   Phosphoric Acid   x
Chloroacetic Acid   x   Plating Solutions   x
Chlorobenzene   x   Potassium Hydroxide   x
Chloroform x x   Propanol   x
Chlorosulfonic Acid   x   Propionic Acid x x
Chromic Acid (50%)   x   Propyl Alcohol x x
Citric Acid   x   Propylene Glycol x x
Clorox (Full Strength Bleach)   x   Quinoline   x
Corn Oil x x   Resorcinol   x
Cottonseed Oil x x   Salt Solutions (metallic)   x
Cresol x x   Silicone Oil x x
Cyclohexane x x   Silver Nitrate   x
Detergents   x   Soap Solution (concentrated) x x
Dichlorobenzene x x   Sodium Bicarbonate   x
Diethyl Ether x x   Sodium Chloride   x
Diethylamine x x   Sodium Hydroxide   x
Dinitrobenezene x x   Sodium Hypochlorite   x
Dioxan   x   Sodium Nitrate   x
Disooctyl Phthalate x x   Stannic Chloride   x
Ether x x   Starch   x
Ethyl Acetate x x   Styrene x x
Ethyl Alcohol x x   Sucrose   x
Ethyl Benzene x x   Sulfuric Acid   x
Ethyl Chloride x x   Synthetic Motor Oil x x
Ethyl Ether x x   Tannic Acid   x
Ethyl Propionate x x   Toluene x x
Ethylene Glycol   x   Transformer Oil x x
Formaldehyde   x   Trichloroethylene x x
Formic Acid   x   Triethylene Glycol x x
Fuel Oil x x   Turpentine x x
Gasoline x x   Urine   x
Gearbox Oil x x   Vinegar   x
Glacial Acetic Acid   x   Vinyl Acetate x x
Glycerol   x   Xylene x x
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