Chemical spill at Carnegie Mellon University quickly dealt with by Hazmat authorities

Last Thursday, December 16, 2011, a chemical spill at a Carnegie Mellon University building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, forced authorities to evacuate students while the leaked substance was cleaned up.

Fire officials were called upon and thankfully reported no injuries. Hazmat authorities stated that a small spill of methyl methacrylate caused a big enough odor that school officials were forced to remove everyone from the Research Institute building.

Cleanup crews could have used absorbent devices, such as the FiberLink Hazmat Spill Kit, to quickly defuse the sensitive situation. The Hazmat Spill Response Kit is an effective way to remedy caustic and acidic spills that occur in public spaces. Each kit contains a variety of safety devices that can help keep people safe, even during the worst of leaks.

The FiberLink Hazmat Spill kit is a United Nations approved 6.5 gallon container that can absorb up to 5 gallons of liquid. In each kit, officials receive three FiberLink Yellow Hazmat Absorbent Socks, 10 FiberLink Yellow Hazmat Sorbent Pads, 2 Temporary Disposal Bags, 2 Hazmat Labels, 1 pair of Nitrile Protective Glows, 1 pair of Splash Goggles and 1 Dustmask.

In the case of a dangerous spill, the Hazmat Spill Response Kit can be a useful commodity. 

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