Chemical spill creates environmental hazard at University of Florida

A University of Florida student’s experiment led local fire officials to investigate a minor chemical leak at the Gainesville campus, according to Independent Florida Alligator. Gainesville Fire Rescue Lt. Gary Law told the news source the pupil was not hurt, but was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

The student saw fumes rise from a 6-inch flask while completing an experiment on the third floor of Sisler Hall. Law told the news source the student was working with carbon tetrachloride, hexane, triphenlphosphine and water, and damage could have been significantly worse. This incident marks the third chemical spill since October 11, 2011, at the university.

College and university campuses face the challenge of teaching students how to use chemicals as they work toward degrees in chemistry and related fields, but various products can cause serious damage if not handled properly. These institutions can purchase the XSORB biohazard response kit to limit chemical spill damage.

Each kit includes equipment and tools that give users the opportunity to manage chemical hazards. Products such as a facemask with eyeshield, paper towels and plastic scrapers allow people to eliminate chemical byproducts quickly and effectively. 

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