Chemical spill impacts patients at Seattle dental clinic

A minor chemical spill affected people attending a Seattle dental clinic on March 8, 2012. The Seattle Times reports the leak occurred at the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic, causing three people to become ill.

Fire officials and hazmat workers responded to the call, and assisted with environmental cleanup. Victims noted headaches and stomach pain after fluid leaked from equipment that is used to develop X-ray film, according to the news source. Fire spokesperson Kyle Moore told the news source the accident occurred when employees were mixing chemicals.

A  caustic spill can have a substantial impact on people, and the results can be fatal. Finding an effective cleanup solution can be challenging for hazmat workers, and using the hazmat spill response kit can help safety crews handle difficult chemical leaks. Offering officials the response kit allows them to eliminate risks that can impact people’s health.

The kit includes valuable equipment and tools that hazmat teams can use to clean up any spill. Each package features hazmat socks, sorbent pads, disposable bags, splash goggles and protective gloves.

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