Chemical spill leads Virginia officials to close public swimming pool

Heavy rain led Harrisonburg, Virginia, officials to close the Westover Swimming Pool complex on March 21, 2012, according to WHSV-TV. The extreme weather caused a chemical spill after filling up drainage areas, blocking cleaning chemicals used to maintain the pool.

Harrisonburg fire crews contained the spread of acid after an excessive amount of water filled the pools’ tanks. The news source reports a 50-gallon barrel burst, but local officials responded quickly to control environmental cleanup efforts.

“When it spills it can be dangerous, but it’s commonly used to sanitize products. It’s stored in big 50-gallon drums so once it spills – if it spills, uncontained, then that’s a problem,” pool Aquatics Director Kristen Lam told the news source.

Cleanup authorities will manage chemical spills effectively using various equipment and tools. Finding the best supplies can be difficult at times, but using FiberLink universal absorbent rolls makes it easy for officials to eliminate hazardous conditions at pools and other facilities.

These pads soak up water and oil-based liquids and are bonded for extra strength and durability. The product is available in lightweight, medium weight and heavyweight to keep areas safe. In addition, an easy-access dispenser box protects contents from dirt and moisture.

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