Chilly Scenes of Winter

You’re dreaming of cold. Snow gently falling in great mounds. Skiing down powder-fresh slopes Alas, you awaken and remember you live in sunny southern California. Or Florida. Or arid Arizona. Someplace where snow and skiing is, in fact, only a dream.

We’ve got a solution. While Impact Absorbents can’t make it snow, we can provide you with cold. Coldform, that is: the spill containment and safety industry’s first high performance oil-only and universal alternative sorbent line not to mention Earth-friendly, and made from American-sourced renewable and recyclable materials. “Hi-tech” and “eco efficient” are never mutually exclusive with us.

Our Coldform Universal Absorbent Roll is perfect for the workplace: even when fully saturated, these heavyweight pads won’t rip, tear or fray. The dark gray color is designed to hide soiling, so our pads stay on the job longer (just the way you’d love your employees to do!). Coldform rolls are ideal for covering large areas and soaking up leaks.

Keep on dreaming of snow and cold, and enjoy the ski slopes in your imagination (you can avoid broken legs that way, too). You can count on Impact Absorbents to provide the kind of “cold” you need regardless of the weather, to soak up spills and keep your workplace clean, safe and productive, every season of the year.


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