Chip Off the Old Block

In some instances, being called a “chip off the old block” is complimentary. Such as when a daughter gets into the same Ivy League college as her brilliant mom. Or when a son demonstrates skill in the sport that dear old dad lettered in, during his school days. These affirmations of following in parental footsteps are enough to make any family proud.

But what about when the chip is more literal, as in paint from your office? Your business reputation starts with a professional appearance. And if the pant is chipping, it’s time to get cracking (or painting; the former is just another time-honored expression).

So you invest in the paint and other supplies necessary, and hire a chip off the old block whose dad owns an office remodeling business to spruce up your business. 

After the job is complete, however, you have a different problem: leftover paint. You can’t just take it to a landfill. Landfills won’t accept paint in liquid form. And there’s no place to safely store open cans of paint onsite. Plus, this is professional work, and a good interior paint job should last for years.

The solution? Rock Solid Paint Hardener. Non-toxic and eco-friendly, XSORB Rock Solid is the best way to quickly, easily and safely dispose of all latex and acrylic paints. Just add it to leftover paint, shake or stir, and the paint will thicken into a disposable solid within minutes. 

Best of all, Rock Solid won’t leach absorbed liquids back into the environment. It’s an ideal spill containment option for businesses with a green ethos.

Even if you’ve never followed in family footsteps, when it’s time for a paint job, plan to have Rock Solid available. Whether or not you’re a chip off the block, you can always count on the Rock.




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