Christmas morning chemical spill quickly contained

It was Christmas morning, and in Calvert City, Kentucky, a car wreck at the I-24 exit number 25 ramp closed the road for much of the day, reports KFVS channel 12 news.

Officials stated that a vehicle carrying a load of Potassium Hydroxide and Potassium Carbonate crashed at the exit. Upon arriving at the site, the Emergency Response Team indicated the job would take between 10 and 12 hours to resolve.

In serious events, such as the chemical spill in western Kentucky, HAZMAT guidelines require officials to follow certain protocol during the cleanup of any hazardous solutions.

Workers could benefit by employing the use of XSORB Caustic Neutralizing Absorbent to instantly neutralize and absorb the chemicals, whether organic or inorganic. The absorbent device safely and effectively remedies toxic spills, and can be vital to the safety of people around the leak and the environment.

XSORB Caustic Neutralizing Absorbent is a non-toxic, eco-friendly and non-leaching product that meets government regulations for landfill disposal. While the chemical spill in western Kentucky was projected to present no harm to the surrounding community, it is required of them to take the sensitive situation seriously. In some ways, an absorbent solution is all they would need to secure the premises. 

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